Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween and other fun

So, Time flies??!!??  In theory I hate to combing holidays.  But... Happy Halloween everyone!  And Happy Thanksgiving! (if history repeats itself, this is the only Thanksgiving blog you'll get.)  We are truly grateful for so much this year, especially our little guy.  O is getting bigger and is so much fun.  Here are a few pics.

O's first Peach Days in the LBC.

At Grandma M's, jumping in her fabulous jumper.

O started solids.

Ha ha.  I love this.  He sleeps with his bum in the air.

O rolled over one day and two days later he was on his hands and knees rocking back and forth.  A week later he figured out how to crawl.  And heads straight for the breakable stuff.  I'm in trouble.

O finds himself in all sorts of predicaments these days.

Our little Hulk with Grandpa H.

The Hulk made an appearance at Grandpa Tom's birthday party this year.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Child of Mine

Well, it's been a year, and an eventful one at that.  "O" is now 2.5 months old and it has been a joy being his mother.  I never knew that I could be so tired or so happy.  I'll take you on a photo journey of the last few months.

 A big boy, O was 9 lb 5 oz. and 21.5 in long.  At his 2 mo appt he was 13 lb 1 oz and 25 in long.  Still big!

O with his Grandmas

O's favorite way to be held when he was born.  Not so much a cuddler.

Heh Heh.  He's actually a pretty good baby.

My tired boys.

Dressed up for the strangely cold spring.

Sacked out.  They're so cute when they sleep.

Grandpa M could get him to smile.

The Fro-Hawk

O's blessing day.  He did so well and was so good during the blessing.  JW gave him such a neat blessing.  When the camera came out, however, he melted down.

He loves looking at those Tiger feet.

On O's first vacation.  A family reunion with my family in St George.  This was hiking to Emerald Pools.

I just love this picture.  Like father, like son.

Jenny's slot canyon up Snow Canyon

O's cousins, climbing in Jenny's canyon

O's first swim experience.

O and his cousin.

At the Jacob Hamlin home

O met my freshman roommates when we got together a few weeks ago.  So good to catch up!

Gotta get one neked pic in.  We love the 'magic' turtle that keeps the little guy warm.

We so love his smiles.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My 1st Garden

For years I've tried to grow things in containers. I've always thought I had a black thumb. Truthfully it's just the I occasionally forget to water my plants. Now that I've got a home, I thought I'd give gardening another shot. And- thanks to an unusually wet spring, I've got plants growing!! My first harvest of lettuce is already ready! Ahh, the simple things in life...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Life of Service

I had an interesting patient several weeks ago at work and have been thinking about it ever since. This woman was also a nurse, in her late 70s. When she first said she was a nurse, she said, "I loved every minute of it." We started talking and she started telling stories of her nursing career. When referencing one of her many jobs she would use the preface, "When I served as a (such and such) nurse." She had retired several times and was asked by clergy or others to come back into the nursing field to serve a need. Through this she learned several new types of nursing. Even now, in her late 70s, she's a hospice nurse.
I've thought about it a lot and it really hit home to me. So often I fall into my generation's entitled trap of, 'what's in it for me,' 'I really don't want to be here today', or even 'that's not my job.' This patient gave me a little big of fresh air, a reality check, and made me realize that a job should be more than a job. What I do at work and for my coworkers and patients actually means something, or can. Those mundane little tasks, when added together, form a life. When I'm in my late 70s, regardless of what "job" I have done throughout my life, I hope to be able to say, "when I served" and "I loved every minute of it."

Friday, June 5, 2009

Those were the days...

My family just got back from a trip to Boston to watch my older sis graduate with her PhD. It was an exciting trip and I really wanted to be there to support her but wasn't able to go. So, to stave off the jealousy of their trip, I'm finally posting my pics of Costa Rica. We went at the beginning of March and had a fantastic time.

This is canyoneering by Arenal volcano.

Our sweet ride up to the rapel areas

View of Arenal Lake from the volcano national park. M and Lou, JW and me.

Zipline over a valley in Monteverde.

On our drive to Arenal

On our drive to Manuel Antonio. One of the bigger towns with a school and soccer field.

I never got over how beautiful it was.

Manueal Antonio beach

Our Mangrove tour out of Manuel Antonio.

Our last day. We took a sailboat tour and ended up being the only ones on the boat. It was fantastic. We chased dolphins, ate seafood, and went snorkeling off the boat.

A sample of the wildlife.

There is a sloth there- look close and you can see its head. Below right is a boa.
One of these monkeys almost attacked M. It was really funny- for us.